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Into the dark desolate night

The Detective Anderson Mysteries

The cases...

Tat  -  Someone is killing people and hacking off parts of their bodies...

Welcome to Jupiter - Anderson heads out of town after solving the prime killer case!

Images - Why would the sexy owner of the Miami Dolphins pay Anderson a premium rate to do a job for her?  

Eye of the Storm - Andy's vacation turns into a deadly nightmare!

Into the Dark Desolate Night - Anderson's Senior Operative, Nate Kubrick, has to save Andy's partner, detective Coombs' life--by stealing his car...

Sucker Punch - a highly respected school supervisor is murdered in her own home!

Death and the Deep Blue Sea - If the waves don't make you sick, the entree just might...

A Notary Public is Missing - A missing person case tests Anderson's mettle, will he cross a professional line for love?

Phantom -  someone stole staff lunches, murdered a detective, and almost killed andy's new wife...who is this phantom menace?

On Borrowed Time  - Anderson is on the trail of a drug dealer when he comes onto an arrest gone bad...can he save his dying friend? 

The Mischievous Angel - A mysterious call in the middle of the night leads Anderson to a mysterious stranger...will he survive the encounter?

Anderson’s Obituary…to be continued?